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Creative Designer. Leadership Trainer. speaker.


serving others

My main goal and purpose is to help others succeed. My work revolves around three aspects; Creative Design, Training and Leadership Development. 

I have a background in graphic designing in which I create logos, brochures, layouts, app/web interfaces, invitations and more! 

I have also spent part of my years in Leadership Training and Development. I have trained and designed custom programs for businesses and organizations to improve their management levels. 

It is the way I help and serve others. Pricing differs from situation so if you are interested, you can contact me for a free consultation on any designs, training and/or leadership inquiry.





I heard a story about how powerful a lion is. The lion is considered the King of the Jungle! Lions go after what they want without seeing the borders of limitations. Some say tigers are bigger and more ferocious than a lion. But one thing they don't realize, tigers travel solo. One on one they may be strong but they always travel solo.

Lions aren't powerful because of who and what they are. Lions are powerful because they travel in a group called a PRIDE. The lion realizes that alone he may be powerful but as a pride he is ten times more powerful and can overcome any obstacle because he has his pride. 

That is what I am all about. TEAMWORK. If one can impact someone else's life, imagine how much more can a group, a PRIDE, of people can change?

This is my way of serving our community - by showing love to others.

How are you impacting the your neighborhood?





I offer consultation and review of current marketing materials, logos, brochures and any other creative designs you may have. Designing a plan to help optimize your business/ organization and stay ahead of the game. 



I have created a couple of programs that I offer to train staff and employees to better help the work environment. Geared also towards the Management level, together - we can customize training programs.



I have always had a passion for speaking to others and pouring out what I've learned throughout the years. Speaking has become a great tool for me to use when presenting, motivating and encouraging others to do better for themselves. Contact me, anytime! 

What others are saying about Me..

"Amazing work, great communication skills, and with minimal explanation None Above Creation exceeded our expectations with the designs brought to us. Most importantly, several designs were presented to us within a time frame that was unvalibably fast. Highly recommend None Above Creations! " - Naluum Bowls

"No doubt Irvin has talent and an eye for professionalism. Loved my designs, flyers and the material was great. Delivered days after my order was placed. Definetly coming back to him and I recommend him for your busineaa needs." - Sandy Fernandez PHP Agent

"I contacted None Above Creations because I needed some invitations for a special event and the response was incredibly fast. I presented an idea and None Above Creations took care of the rest. I am very well pleased with the work and the results, although my order was very last minute, he made it happen. I would highly recommend his work, it is exceptional!" - Lorena Mendez

"He made my daughters birthday invitation and they were so beautiful and I love them" - Lucia Casanova